Dyna operated and maintained the Rubicon, a Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU) built for the purpose of supporting Block PM9 oil field operations. In December 2010, a fire broke out on Bekok-C, causing severe damage to its production facilities. In the ensuing months, a drilling rig was converted into a MOPU; the conversion works were completed in a record of 7 months. Dyna’s team of expertise was on deck to the commission of the facility. The offshore crew of 26 and support team onshore successfully operated and maintained the Rubicone for 2+ years without any major hiccups, despite the challenging equipment on board. We accumulated over 700,000 man-hours with zero LTI.

One of the main challenges of offshore operations is the maintenance of the equipment on board. The major items are the compressors and generators, along with complicated process equipment such as the Glycol and Separator systems. Dyna runs a Computerized Maintenance Monitoring System (CMMS) on board and ensures top-notch maintenance of the facilities. Apart from Rubicone, Dyna also services other facilities. The company has expertise in carrying out overhauls of main engines; every year, Dyna is called on board to service FPSO/ FSOs servicing offshore Malaysia/ Thailand.

Dyna also maintains onshore facilities, such as refineries, petrochemical plants, depots, and stations.

MOV Replacement Project – PETRONAS

Control Room Upgrade – PETRONAS

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