Blasting & Painting

Painting job

With a team comprising of qualified Coating Inspectors, Supervisors and experiences blasters and painters, Dyna continues to provide its clients with reliable corrosion mitigation solutions. Apart from the O&G industry, Dyna also serves clients in the Power Industry, such as TNB and Malakoff; the latter having a current term contract for its Tg. Bin Power Plant.



Heat Induction Coating RemovalHeat Induction Coating Removal

Aside from the traditional coating removal method (Blasting, disc grinding, etc.), Dyna also utilizes a smarter way to strip coatings known as Induction Heating Coating Removal. This exploits the laws of electromagnetism to generate controllable induction heating. The process is completely free from contaminates such as abrasives and blasting media thus reducing cost.

• Outperforming traditional methods. Up to 90% faster operation.
• Eco and Energy Friendly
• Safer Working Environment
• Easy Cleanup
• Noiseless Operation
• Reduced Energy Consumption

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