Electrical & Instrumentation

Electrical & Instrumentation Services

AUMA Actuators

Dyna Segmen is a distributor in Malaysia for AUMA actuators, the leading brand in motorized valve actuators. AUMA, based in Germany, is the biggest manufacturer of electrical actuators in the world. In a world where industrial processes have become increasingly complex, you need robust and reliable actuator solutions. With wide-ranging applications requiring individual solutions, the need for advanced technology is necessary, also, easy-to-use and flexible to meet your precise requirement. Backed by an unrivalled 40-year track record in the manufacture and supply of actuator solutions, AUMA’s reliability is assured and it’s the innovation that combines to give you an adaptable advantage.

Valves, Transmitter & Gauges

Dyna Segmen is an exclusive local distributor of EUROFORNITURE TECNICHE PER L’INDUSTRIA or well-known as ETI. ETI was established in 1982 and swiftly became an outstanding market for the mechanical and instrumental maintenance products.

Explosion Proof Actuators

Dyna Segmen is a local distributor of SCHISCHEK explosion-proof actuators. Since 1975 Schischek has supplied electric explosion proof products worldwide for heating, ventilating, air conditioning for industrial and offshore applications. Schischek explosion proof protection has become an important partner for consultants, public authorities, control companies, installers, O.E.M’s and not least, the end user.

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