Civil Product and Services

Dyna is a G7 (CIDB/ Class A SPKK) company, licensed to undertake Civil, M&E and Building contracts of unlimited values. Dyna is involved in construction of steel structures, e.g. jackets and topsides for O&G platforms. Among the clients are SHELL and ExxonMobil. The team members were also entrusted to supervise the construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning of Malaysia’s first ever FPSO.

The company also does the construction of buildings. The most recent project is in the construction and insulation on a chiller tank for a new mall in Klang Valley. Apart from new construction, Dyna also does extensive renovation works.

Geo-technical Specialist

Dyna is involved in soil investigation and rectification works. Among our clients are refineries and petrochemical plants.The team also specializes in slope mitigation works. Malaysia, being a tropical country, gets a lot of rain which causes erosion and land-slides on hills and slopes. DYNA works with PROPEL to design mitigation systems.

  • Slope management
  • Structure grouting
  • Wall structure retaining or Hardscape

Protective coating is another area where DYNA is active. Waterproofing of commercial and government buildings are among our specialization. Our level of expertise provide layers for waterproofing to give full protection and longer lifespan.

Polyurethane Waterproofing works for UN building based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Scaffold Rental & Installation

Dyna Segmen provide one-stop solution for scaffold services. Services cover rental, install, dismantle and inspection for scaffolding. Our are of supply include :

Building Materials & Steel Structure

We provide varieties of high quality hardware such as cement, skin coat, roofing tile, clay roofing, iron, brick, Aluminum & Stainless Steel PVC, etc. coupled with very competitive prices, and with excellent delivery services throughout Malaysian.


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