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Sofea Azrina

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Sofea Azrina

DynaConsurv has provided me a good platform to build my character and taught me to be human. Time passes faster and faster, but with every project I always want to find the next challenge and the next challenge is just as exciting as the previous one. Highlighted project that makes me become a stronger person was with Petrofac, a big company with 1001 stories inside and gratefully I was one of the main characters. Being screwed up with this project at the first time, taught me a lot of things especially in solving problems, persuasive, patience, responsibility, honesty with your boss, clients and suppliers and last but not least being a multitask person.
The hard time that I went through was when I have been scolded with more than three staffs from Petrofac including from his boss, engineer and technician. At that moment, I really feel what is pressure and stress was all about. Sharing tears and stories with the staffs built up my positive energy with their motivations to face and solve this problem maturely as a woman. After almost 5 months, the problem solved and the status was completed. I do believe that, no matter where you are, no matter how difficult things might appear to be, you are always being moved toward magnificence. Always.
Dear boss, as a supervisor you are truly an inspiration to me and your staffs. Thank you for everything and I feel lucky to be a part of your team. To all DynaConsurv staffs Fuad, Aaron, Lee, Kamarul, Husna, Nas, Nina, Linda, Jannah, Sundara, Amir, Zihan and Azfar thank you for your guidance, knowledge and made my journey at here more colourful. Last but not least to all my peers, Afiqah, Cuong, Frenchlyn, Kin, Azraai, Farahin, Steve and Jack thank you for always be there for me. Time passes. Memories fade. Feelings change. People leave. But the heart never forgets.



  1. abbas  August 24, 2015

    What an inspiration!


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